[NEWS] VICHE COSMETIC, I'm rooting for you to overcome Corona 19.

2020-05-11 17:03

[Gyeongnam Daily = Reporter Kim Sung-hee]

global cosmetics company exporting cosmetics to China and Southeast Asian markets

Viche Cosmetics (CEO Lee Sun-yong) is...

Prevent further spread of the new coronavirus, which has recently been introduced to patients;

Little effort was gathered to join in overcoming the crisis.

The Vietzsche Cosmetics staff, who are actively engaged in social distance campaigns,

After hearing the news about nurses living in the field struggling with Corona 19 at the front line,

I made up my mind to convey my heart.

"It's a small sum, but if we all want it, we can get through it."

A small amount of cash, cosmetics, etc. that will help the medical staff.

It was delivered to Kyungpook National University Hospital.

Vichhe Cosmetics is the most important part of the world. 

Based on the slogan "Lighten the Skin Science,"

We launched a new brand called Derma mentor.

It consists of professional researchers from its own research lab. 

The company has won the 56th Export Tower organized by the Korea International Trade Association.

Reporter Kim Sung-hee

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[경남데일리=김성희 기자]

중국과 동남아 시장에 화장품을 수출하는 글로벌 화장품 회사

비체 코스메틱 (Viche cosmetic) (대표 이선용)은

최근 환자가 속출하고 있는 신종 코로나바이러스(corona virus)의 추가 확산 방지 및

위기 극복에 동참하기 위하여 작은 정성들을 모았다.

사회적 거리 두기 캠페인을 적극 실천하고 있는 비체 코스메틱의 직원들은

최전선에서 코로나 19와 고군분투하며 현장에서 숙식하고 있는 간호사 선생님들에 대한 뉴스를 접한 후

마음을 전하고자 뜻을 모았다.

“적은 금액이지만 우리 모두가 간절히 원하면 꼭 이겨낼 수 있다”라는 취지로

소정의 현금과 의료진에게 도움이 될 화장품 등을

경북대학교 병원에 전달하였다.

비체코스메틱(Viche cosmetic)은 

“피부 과학에 빛을 발하다.”라는 슬로건을 바탕으로

더마멘토(Derma mentor)라는 신규 브랜드를 런칭하였고,

자체 연구소의 전문 연구원들로 구성되어 있으며, 

한국 무역 협회에서 주관하는 제 56회 수출의 탑을 수상한 바 있는 기업이다.

김성희 기자

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